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Herbalim Elixir Gold is a combination of 7 herbs from the family of Curcuma. The benefits and natural healing properties of this product is truly amazing!

These are amongst the many benefits of curcuma : ⁃ anti inflammatory ⁃ Anti bacteria ⁃ Anti oxidant ⁃ Anti ageing ⁃ Regulate blood sugar ⁃ Helps with joint pains ⁃ Great for blood circulation ⁃ Boosts Immunity ⁃ Good for women with menstrual problems ⁃ Good for men and women who are constantly lethargic ⁃ Joint problems ⁃ Assists in recovery process for cancer patients ⁃ Plus many more benefits!


Each bottle of Elixir Gold is 750ml, and for your ease, it is now available in a set of 3 bottles. Does not contain any sugar and preservatives. Keep chilled at all times.

3 Bottles Elixir Gold Juice Drink



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